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Cummins Engine Company were experiencing continual problems with their Dynamometer test bed and due to its age no spares were available. Cummins recognised that they were in a very vulnerable position and contacted Response to see if we were able to help. We responded and suggested that Cummins attend one of our customers sites with us, at either Westland Helicopters or Tuner Aviation. The visit was aimed at Cummins observing the level of automation and interrogation of test results that we had installed for those companies. The offer was taken up and a visit arranged.

The idea of the new 458Kw Dynamometer transient test cell was so that Cummins could simulate the diesel engine being driven in a Truck both, up and down hill and around the City. From these tests they would be able to evaluate performance, fuel consumption and emissions.

Response engineers visited site to evaluate and report the best course of action. Various solutions were discussed which included complete replacement of the rig using AC throughout, down to just the replacement of the DC cabinet. In this case because the budget was tight it was elected to just replace the DC cabinet. However a larger drive system would be supplied to enable the customer to fit a more powerful motor in the future. The new rig needed to include the Throttle Servo Option, so both mechanical and electrical components would need to be sourced and manufactured. It needed to accept both torque sensor and load cell signals. The test bed would be controlled from an Operator Screen through a PLC to the drive system. Finally it would have to communicate directly with the customers host computer so it could interrogate the results.

Detailed drawings were drawn up and a parts list produced so that cabinet build could commence. This was completed on time and on budget for the planned shutdown of the test cell. Cummins installed the cabinet and Response then commissioned the system along with Cummins engineers. This team involvement between Response and Cummins engineers enabled important training of Cummins staff to take place. The importance of this integration should never be undervalued as it gives the customer hands on experience in the overall maintenance and technical support of his system. A detailed documentation package of Drawings, Software print outs and Manuals was supplied. This is standard procedure for all our projects.

The above project was successful in converting Cummins existing diesel engine dynamometer from an unreliable unserviceable high maintenance machine to a highly competitive state of the art test rig. The package offers all the advantages of a New Test Rig for a fraction of the cost, making it very commercially attractive.

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