Tullis Russell Coaters


Tullis Russell were experiencing continued reliability problems with one of their coating machines. They contacted Response with a view to replacing and upgrading their existing Coater electronics.

Response engineers visited site to evaluate and report the best course of action. Various solutions were discussed which included complete replacement of the existing cabinets and drives, down to individual drive replacement. In this case because the budget was stretched it was elected to just replace the dc drives for the latest digital equivalent.
Tullis also asked Response to work closely with a moisture control company, so that their equipment would be able to interface with our equipment and control the moisture in the product.

Detailed drawings were drawn up and a parts list produced so that the project could commence. The old drives were removed from the existing cabinets and the new drives fitted in their place. Software configurations were written on site to allow the new equipment to interface directly with the existing and accommodate the moisture company’s requests. This was completed on time and on budget for the planned shutdown of the Coater.

The customer’s maintenance personnel worked with Response throughout the project. We feel that the importance of this integration should never be undervalued as it gives the customer hands on experience in the overall maintenance and technical support of his machine. A detailed documentation package of Drawings, Software print outs and Manuals was supplied. This is standard procedure for all our projects.

The above project was successful in converting an ageing Coating machine from an unreliable unserviceable high maintenance machine to a highly competitive state of the art Coater incorporating increased production speed along with accurate moisture control. The package offers all the advantages of a new Coater for a fraction of the investment of a new machine.

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